are neural pathways that determine what you think and what you act on.

21 Day Money Magic Discovery Challenge

$ 25.00 USD

Price is per household and includes a free trial membership to Quantum Heart Language Success Community, 21 Day Money Magic Discovery Challenge course, and a chance to win the Money Magic Challenge prize contest.



I'm a free member of Quantum Heart Language ... a social network success community. There is no faster, more effective (and fun) way to fill the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be than having the right passionate and supportive people in your life, cheering you on and holding you to your highest. I'm planning to join a new 21 day program we just learned is starting up there Monday, March 25th that promises to raise our wealth frequency and bring MORE wealth and abundance into our lives. I'd love you to join me... it's starting soon. Head here to learn a little more about Quantum Heart Language and join free!

Quantum Heart Language

Once you're signed up and completed your profile page (be sure and put in my name in the question about who referred you -- we are an exclusive community inviting serious people only. That's why I chose you.) Go to this link and become a member of the 21 Day Challenge so you'll get all the updates and instructions. 21 Day Money Magic Discovery Challenge


Also enjoy the chat feature, free e-courses and music player and lots of great new friends serious about the Law of Attraction and Success. See you there!

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Everyone has an energetic frequency and this frequency can and does create mind maps or patterns in your neural pathways inside your brain that dictate the actions you take and how you "show up" to the world.

Most people have a setting that's stuck on "not enough" or “wish it was more”. When you raise your frequency to "abundance" your life will change quickly.

The question is...   are you ready to


This is going to be an amazing journey together!


The challenge officially begins on March 25th.   Every day, for 21 days, we'll email you a short but powerful training designed to help you bust through your money & other blocks, to achieve much bigger results than you do today. 


1.  Pay for your course on the left of this page.

     Your fee includes access to the 21 Day course for your entire household, entry into the Challenge contest for a prize award (details to be provided), and a free trial membership  to the Quantum Heart Language Success Community.  Be sure to list the names of any household members that are to be included in the lessons as part of your membership so we can properly grant access to them.

       If you wish to pay for a friend,  please be sure and make a note of the name(s) of the person(s) you are paying for in the notes section when you complete your payment, so that we may properly grant access to them.  

      No one will be allowed access to the course whose names do not match a payment received and proper registrations completed.

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2.  Sign Up for your free trial Membership .

The 21 Day Money Magic Discovery Challenge is restricted to free members of QHL (Quantum Heart Language Success Community).  This is where we'll interact and support you LIVE every day of the Challenge.  

If you are already a member of QHL go to Step 3.  

If you're not a member -- Register for a FREE membership on your left by clicking on Sign Up.  You'll get to enjoy all the benefits of our exclusive Success Community and when your 21 Day Course has ended, you'll be eligible to submit an application for regular membership approval!

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3.  REGISTER To Get Daily Reminders and Lessons by email beginning March 25, 2013.

Besides having access to the online lessons and supportive community at Quantum Heart Language (along with many other great features and social interactions)...

We will provide you with daily reminders of your lessons and action challenges...  because we know how busy you are & it's easy to forget.

But now as a member of our Inner Circle, the QHL family, you'll find that our dedication to personal service for your success is second to none.


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4.  Become our fan on Facebook!

     This is where QHL Members can interact with and support the wider community by sharing their results with the 21 Day Money Magic Discovery Challenge.  Just Click on Like us on... to the left.

Be sure when you get to the Page that you hover your mouse over friends and click "get notifications" and then on settings "get all updates" -- otherwise your Like will not register and you will receive none of our messages when other great people post status or announcements.  Thank you.

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5.  Follow us on Twitter

     @QL Heart   (Official Twitter Account) .... or

     @DivinelyProsper      Coach Gerry

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6.  Re-Tweet this!

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7.    Invite your friends to join you  in the 21 Day Money Magic Discovery Challenge.  Try the copy (modify it, of course!) at left.

Let's start a movement!


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